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Cinematography by Dave Sperling

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I grew up shooting on film...  Now I shoot HD...
  - HD Video is both a format of the future and a format of today.  Though not perfect as a recording format, its excellent high compression algorithms and ability to record on flash media or inexpensive tape makes it an amazingly affordable path into the realm of glorious, high resolution images.  It’s not just the big cameras that provide stunning images, the little ones are amazing as well.
 - At the higher ( but still reasonably priced ) end of the spectrum, I’ve been shooting a lot with the Sony XDcam HD cameras - the PDW-F350/355 and PDW-F700/F800 as well as their diminutive siblings the PMW-EX1.and PMW-EX3  These cameras all create stunning images and record to tapeless file-based data storage systems.  Each of the cameras has its own advantages (witn fewer and fewer drawbacks) and footage from these cameras intercuts beautifully!!  I’m an extremely happy owner of the EX1, and I particularly love not only the image quality, but the way it travels (I’ve now shot with it on four continents.)
  - On the near horizon (and probably the next camera I’ll buy) is the stunning new Sony PMW-F3, which brings a large, Super-35 sensor to the EX recording line. A future firmware release for it promises to add dual-stream HD-SDI or 3G output as well as S-Log to maximize dynamic range when recording to an outboard recorder.
   - Of course there’s also the junior format - actually called HDV.  The little HDV cameras have also been improving.  After starting out using the Sony Z1 and the Canon H1 cameras, I was impressed with the HDV format enough to acquire the Sony HVR-V1U, an amazing little camera (the size of my PD-150) that features 3 CMOS Progressive chips and a Zeiss 20:1 zoom lens, with true progressive 1080 line 24p or 30p recording (as well as 60i) and makes truly impressive images..
  - Every time I visit the editing room for one of the HD projects I’ve shot - and see it on a large 1920x1080 monitor - I’m blown away by just how good the images from these little cameras can look.

Webster BallFor the record -- there are NO STOCK PHOTOS used on this site. All the stills you see are either frame grabs from footage I shot, or production stills from jobs I was shooting.  If you don’t see me in the picture, then I’m the person behind the camera.

On a slightly different topic, since web-writing puts me in promo mode, I also can’t help but mention my other side.  To see some amazing production database software for film, video and theatre, please take a look at www.onsetsoftware.com

Thanks for visiting one or both of my sites.  Please enjoy your stay.

       ----- Dave Sperling
                   Director of Photography
                          Television Academy Member
                          Int’l Cinematographers Guild Local 600 Member
                          Chief Technologist and Own

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