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Source of Hope
Born in the USA
Remember WENN
Caribbean Blues

Video Sample Clips

Below you will find links to a number of video clips.

My personal feeling is that streaming video on the web is pretty good for information, but not so good for video quality.  Furthermore, better video quality often means more required bandwidth, faster connect speeds and/or longer download times.

We’re still in process of figuring out the best way for you to look at the videos, so the various clips have been compressed in different ways.

Remember: you may need to download the latest player software (from Apple, Microsoft or Real Media) to view these clips.

QuickTime Files

Windows Media Files

Real Media Files

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Other Video Clips:

ChinaMountains1  Play in FLASH (flv)

Americas_Choice: Windows Media  Play America’s Choice in Flash (.swf)

         Mass of Angels (Flash .swf)

Mectizan Opening: Quicktime

Mectizan Opening: Windows Media
Mectizan: Source of Hope




Model Miners BTS  - Flash Video Model Miners - Behind The Scenes  (Flash)

Street Trash Medley

            Street Trash -- Quicktime



Clearasil Times Square Green Screen

      Clearasil Green Screen -- Quicktime



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