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The NanoFlash is essentially a Compact Flash recorder that allows you to record from any camera with an HD-SDI, HDMI, or SD-SDI output.  It’s become a standard part of my camera package because it adds so many options.

It’s great because:

 -- It can record at a higher bit rate than many of the smaller HD cameras.

 -- It can record batter color resolution (4:2:2) than the XDcamEX or HDV record formats, making it a perfect add-on when shooting blue or green screen footage, or material that will undergo color-correction during the postproduction process.

 -- It can take in either an HD-SDI input or an HDMI input, while outputting simultaneously to both HD-SDI and HDMI ports.  This means I can connect it to the camera and output simultaneously to a critical HD-SDI monitor and to a client HDMI monitor.

 -- It can act an an automatic ‘video playback’ recorder -- clients can use it to review takes without having to tie up the camcorder in ‘deck mode’.

 -- When a client is in a hurry to get footage into Final Cut Pro, the record format can be changed to record directly to FCP-compatible .MOV files.

 -- And many more reasons too numerous to mention.

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