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Source of Hope
Born in the USA
Remember WENN
Caribbean Blues

Feature Films

Every feature project has its own history and anecdotes.  I’ve served as Director of Photography for more than a dozen dramatic features, as well as numerous feature-length documentaries.

Dramatic Films

Wherever You Are
Dir: Rob Margolies    Prod: Andrew Margolies      Different Duck Productions, LLC

Fight Night
Dir: Derek Wybourn    Prod: Eli Kabillio     Mad Dog Films

Mass of Angels     
Dir: Jim Riffel    Prod: Anthony DeLuca     The Lemming Group
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The Basement
Dir: Larry Brand    Prod: Nicky Aakmal     Basement Films

Black-Eyed Susan
Dir: Jim Riffel    Prod: Jim Riffel     PFG Films

Crimson Lights
Dir: John Brenkus    Prod: Eli Kabillio     Crimson Productions

Dir: Patrick Rand    Prod: Cassian Elwes     Smoking Gun/ TWE

Dir: Larry Brand    Prod: Roger Corman     Concorde / New Horizons

Urban Romance
Dir: Mark Bilgrey    Prod: Bob Hurrie & Mindy Spiegel     Dream Films

Cool Blue
Dir: Mark Mullin & Richard Sheppard    Prod: Lionel Wigram & Cassian Elwes
Smoking Gun/ TWE

The Drifter
Dir: Larry Brand    Prod: Ken Stein     Concorde / New Horizons

Street Trash
Dir: Jim Muro    Prod: Roy Frumkes   Chaos Productions

The Toy Gun
Dir: Shien-Yuin Pei    Prod: Mai Chiang     Verdisford Productions

Reaching Out
Dir: Pat Russell    Prod: Pat Russell     PAR Films

The Boogeyman
Dir: Ulli Lommel    Prod: Ulli Lommel     Interbest-American Productions

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