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Source of Hope
Born in the USA
Remember WENN
Caribbean Blues


Talent, knowledge, leadership, ability, a compositional eye, collaborative thinking, the ability to paint with light -- they all make up part of the picture.  The other, perhaps ‘bigger’ half is problem solving.  It’s not just about making a pretty picture, but making sure the picture tells the story you’re trying to tell. It takes listening, thinking, and using the combined resources of research, knowledge and experience to make it work.  And just sometimes it helps to add a little luck.

Mom Overexposed

I’ve spent almost 30 years working in one capacity or another on a huge variety of film, video, theatrical, and internet productions.  Times and technologies change, but the basic principles of quality storytelling and hard work remain the same.

A Reason for Joy

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Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life

If you don’t respect your subjects enough to care what the cinematography looks like, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

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